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Do I have to take the items to pick up outside, or put everything in the same room or even on the same floor?

No! We go to the house / business and we go directly to collect the items where they are, whether in the basement, 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor. In the worst case scenario, there will only be an additional labor charge if pickup exceeds 2 hours.

Why do I have to pay to donate my furniture?

We are not a subsidized organization. We are completely private, so we have a lot of expenses related to pickups, such as employees, trucks, gasoline, recycling and / or storage fees, fixed costs, etc.

Why take the service of Recy-Récolte instead of a container?

The first reason is that labor is included. For entrepreneurs and business owners, you can leave your employees to their usual tasks instead of assigning them to pick up your debris / furniture. This means more productivity and less risk of injury on your side. In addition, if you rent a container and you agree to external labor, you have 2 departments to take care of, instead of a turnkey solution with Recy-Récolte! Besides, it’s much nicer to let others do it than do it yourself!

The second reason is space. You don’t always have space for a container, and you don’t need to acquire and pay for permits to the City. Our trucks fit in all standard alleys to have access to your yard.

The third reason is recycling. In fact, since it is our employees who put the debris or furniture directly in the truck, it’s much easier to pre-sort and see where we bring our materials. In contrast, debris in containers is all jumbled together, and therefore is much more difficult to sort and recycle completely.

What do you do with the things you pick up?

Debris is sorted by material for recycling. Furniture and appliances will be evaluated to see if we can donate them, or we will recycle according to their materials. It happens quite often that we believe that our furniture is still good, but it remains in storage a long time. Most of the furniture collected is therefore deconstructed and recycled.

Do I absolutely have to be present during my pickup?

No! If we have access to the items to be picked up and the items are clearly identified, you do not need to be present. We will take remote payment at the office at the end of the pickup, and the invoicewill be sent by email. The items to be collected must all be placed together, to make sure our men don’t take something they should not! We can even send you before / after pictures on request.

How do you go about estimating the weight of heavy materials?

We make our best guess. For example, you have 20 bags containing concrete at about 50lbs per bag, so 40×50 = 2000lbs. Considering that we charge $ 239.99 / ton (1 ton = 2000lbs), then you will be billed $ 239.99 + taxes. Otherwise, for bulk materials, we use comparative tables easily found on the internet. For example, 1 yard of lawn soil = 2400 lbs, so at least 1 ton = $ 239.99 + taxes

What circumstances might lead to extra time fees ?

Pickups that might lead to extra time fees include thoses where we have to take elevators or stairs. Fees might also apply if there are a lot of items to collect, and a lot of steps to take between the truck and the items.

What happens if I was bid on 3/8, and the volume ended up being 4/8?

The final invoice will effectively be 4/8. The price is final only once the truck is filled (whether by volume or weight). Conversely, if we finally filled volume is 2/8 instead of 3/8, we will happily charge you only 2/8 🙂

How do I know how much my pickup will cost me?

You can send us pictures of the items we need to pick up, and we will be happy to provide an estimate. Keep in mind that while we do our best to estimate your actual cost, mistakes may occur due to the angle of the pictures, or the contents of the bags and boxes.

What if I have bulk materials AND weight materials to pick up at the same time?

No need to worry! We can pick up the 2 kinds of materials in the same pickup. There will simply be 2 types of pricing displayed on the invoice at the end. Volume materials will be billed with “Volume” pricing, and heavy materials will be billed according to their weight. Heavy materials will not be “included” in the volume, unless the amount of heavy debris picked up is minimal.

Why choose Recy-Récolte instead of a recognized competitor?

The main reason is the cost savings. Our 22 cubic yards filled to full capacity (8/8) costs $674.99 + tx, while their 15 cubic yards filled to full capacity cost over $700-750 + tx. So we can pick up 1.5 X more for a cheaper price!

Additionally, you are supporting a local business. Our company was established here in Montreal, and we hire employees from Grand Montreal too!

Finally, as a young and small business, we do everything in our power to satisfy all of your needs so that you are 100 % satisfied with our service. But don’t forget that we are all human 🙂