Description of our prices

We offer 2 types of pricing, either according to the volume filled in the truck or the weight for heavy materials

Our prices

Fees based on volume using in truck

***A diesel surcharge is temporarily applied to invoices. This is based on the distance between our warehouse and the pick-up address. Call us to know the cost for your pickup.***

Weight pricing - Heavy materials

Heavy materials are billed at $ 239.99 / ton (1 ton = 2,000 lbs)





(and cemented plaster)



Pricing questions

How do I know how much my pickup will cost me?

You can send us pictures of the items we need to pick up, and we will be happy to provide an estimate. Keep in mind that while we do our best to estimate your actual costmistakes may occur due to the angle of the photos, or the contents of the bags and boxes.

What happens if I was bid on 3/8, and the volume ended up being 4/8?

The final invoice will effectively be 4/8. The price is final only once the truck is filled (whether by volume or weight). Conversely, if we finally filled volume is 2/8 instead of 3/8, we will happily charge you only 2/8 :-)

What if I have bulk materials AND weight materials to pick up at the same time?

No need to worry! We can pick up the 2 kinds of materials in the same pickup. There will simply be 2 types of pricing displayed on the invoice at the end. Volume materials will be billed with "Volume" pricing, and heavy materials will be billed according to their weight. Heavy materials will not be "included" in the volume, unless the amount of heavy debris picked up is minimal.

How do you go about estimating the weight of heavy materials?

We make our best guess. For example, you have 20 bags containing concrete at about 50lbs per bag, so 40x50 = 2000lbs. Considering that we charge $ 239.99 / ton (1 ton = 2000lbs), then you will be billed $ 239.99 + taxes. Otherwise, for bulk materials, we use comparative tables easily found on the internet. For example, 1 yard of lawn soil = 2400 lbs, so at least 1 ton = $ 239.99 + taxes

What circumstances might lead to extra time fees ?

Pickups that might lead to extra time fees include thoses where we have to take elevators or stairs. Fees might also apply if there are a lot of items to collect, and a lot of steps to take between the truck and the items.

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